Vision Systems

sisteme vision

AUROCON ROMANIA provides solutions for verification or identification of individual components, and detection/ sorting based on color. Sensors allow detection of specific details of a product regardless of the position of the inspected objects, and they allow passage of the products in the next stage of production depending on the settings initially set or not.

The main projects for Vision Systems implemented by AUROCON ROMANIA are:

  • Systems for labelling machines in the FCMG industry
  • Identification of products in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Systems for tax stamps
  • Detection of specific elements in the auto industry

Case Study 1: Automatic product inventory management

This system is useful in the stock management of products in different stores that have a high input/ output. Thus through this system the stock of products is listed in real time at any moment, and there can be kept very accurate records of the products’ flow.

 Management system consists of a product identification subsystem and a subsystem for recording information.

Product identification system consists of a proximity sensor used to trigger, and of a 2D smart camera SICK, IVC-2DM1122.

After code identification (the barcode printed on the label) and recognizing the serial number (by recognizing the OCR text printed on the label), information is transmitted via Ethernet to the system for recording it.

Registering the system information consists of a data server connected to the same intelligent network SICK cameras. Once the data received, it operates the database: updating stock and the introduction in the inputs/ outputs registration.
The information in the database can be accessed through a local network or wireless LAN, and remotely via an Internet connection.

Additionally, this system can add a module to identify the volume with LMS 400 Laser.

Information about the volume of products can be registered in the database and can be used for a better arrangement of products in warehouse management or transportation.


Case study 2: A system for sorting eggs by size

Egg sorting systems is based on weight characteristics. An alternative method is sorting by volume.

The IVC-3D 3D Sick camera was used for such a system. Besides sorting, the system can be used also for metering, data from several farms being able to be centralized at the headquarters and viewed through an Internet connection.