Mobile roof for Rothenbaum Tennis Arena, Hamburg - Germany, 1997

Rothenbaum mobile roof was the first project implemented by AUROCON ROMANIA, based on hydraulic winches.

The membrane is made of PVC and the roof structure has 2 concentric areas, the one outside measuring 5,300m2, and the one inside 3,200m2.

For spectators area the roof was built statically, and for the central events area was implemented a retractable roof, automatic, with a single layer of PVC. This allows 10% light penetration and retraction process is easy (approx. 5 min).


Rothenbaum Tennis Arena (8,500m2) hosted the annual Masters Series tournament in Hamburg (German International Open), and since 2008, is the venue for the Masters ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals), part of the ATP World Tour 500. Also, the arenas host many concerts and exhibitions during all seasons.