Mobile Roof for National Arena Lia Manoliu, Bucharest - Romania, 2011

The retractable roof surface has 9.000sqm and the membrane is supported by a structure of steel cables, allowing fully automatic opening and closing of the roof. Possibility of natural light penetration allows for easier maintenance of lawn, among other advantages related to the convenience of participants in an event (be it sports game, concert, or another event).

Since the membrane is gathered to the center and covered with the video cube when in the Open position, it can be operated only when the video cube is down, close to the lawn. The video cube can be operated only when the roof is in Open or Closed position (cube interconnects the roof and video).

Automation includes a system of 32 aggregates, arranged in two sections, each 16 units per sector. The main control element, the electro-hydraulic unit is designed in a 2.2-kW electric motor, a hydraulic winch and a device for locking and tension to the final position.

The project is identical to that implemented ​​for Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt (but more, it involves the automation of the central video cube) and resembles to BC Place Stadium automation of Vancouver, that is to be completed this autumn.

As the old Lia Manoliu National Stadium didn’t conform to international standards, it was desired a new multifunctional stadium. With a capacity of 55,000 seats on 4 levels, 2 stands and 2 lawns, the new site will serve only football and rugby games.