Mobile Roofs

acoperisuri mobile
The new retractable roof technology is increasingly used throughout many areas, offering both flexibility and benefits in terms of maintenance and operating costs of a site.

Our clients gain the following benefits by implementing an automated mobile roof:

  • Organizing events (concerts, sport events, cultural, etc.) regardless of the climate in the area
  • Maintaining lawn maintenance throughout the year
  • Allow/ restrict access of light inside the location
  • It is an excellent heat shield during periods of extreme weather conditions (excessive heat cold temperatures, rain, snow, wind, etc.)
  • Contributes to the comfort of spectators, athletes, artist beneficiaries, depending on the application

This type of roof is most often implemented for sports arenas, stadiums, but the applications are compatible with industry including residential, commercial buildings (malls), swimming centers, markets or other locations where flexible architecture plays an important role.